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Recoleta & Palermo Tour

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Recoleta & Palermo Bike Tour - Buenos Aires 1

The north side of the city:

Architecture, abundance and green spaces:
meet the mythical characters of Argentine yesteryear


 Duration: 4 hs | Difficulty: Fácil | Distance: 13.4 km | Meeting point: Chile 1145 | Carbon track: 0.68 Kg de CO2.


You get on your bike and the concrete jungle fades, opening the way to the greenest of trees.

The first stop is Plaza San Martín and if you close your eyes, you just might imagine this place 200 years ago. In Colonial Buenos Aires, exactly right where you are, the locals defended the city with hot boiling water and oil from a famous British invasion. And just there, General San Martín, our grandest hero, prepared his army for the battles of independence.  

You’re now in the heart of Retiro, and if you look up, you see that this green park is surrounded by architectural pearls. One of them is the famous Kavanagh building, which was the archetype for modern Argentine architecture

You continue along Libertador avenue, which was the first boardwalk of the city. Today is full of green trees which encourage you to keep pedalling. You are getting closer and closer to Recoleta. You discover the history of the neighborhood, and of the mysterious Recoleto monks who used to live there. Their old farm is today one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, where the biggest names of the area, the city and even the whole country, like former presidents or the iconic Evita found their final resting place.

The Recoleta Cemetery begs you to walk it. It amazes you with its diversity, you never had never quite pictured funerary architecture, stained glasses and statues like this.

The next goal is to make it to the 3rd of February park, also known as the Palermo Forests. Pedal for the next 40 minutes non stop.  There is reward for your effort. This park, with its lake surrounded by green, is undeniably one of the most beautiful of BA. The Rosedal sets a splendid stage for photography.  The Rosedal…. perhaps it’s got something to do with it being the former residence of Juan Manuel de Rosas? Yeah, that guy who still graces the 20$ bill.

And now it’s time to start heading back.  Going through Barrio Norte, Palermo, and the City Center,pure intercity.  Sunset is the perfect time for an afternoon snack as landscapes, activities and aromas drastically change with each passing block, a real treat for the senses.

The final stop is Plaza del Congreso.  From here you can see the magnificent building that houses Congress and the Senate and famous site of some of the most important historical events of our country.

Just 5 minutes of pedalling back to our shop.  End of trip!

Included on this tour:

casco helmet


candado bicicleta




mate argentina buenos aires

Mate tea & alfajor

seguro de viaje buenos aires


botella de agua

Bottle of water


In summertime, temperatures can be high, so we recommend wearing light clothes with long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, sun lotion and extra hydration.
During the winter season, weather becomes cold, so extra coating, gloves and a warm hat is suggested to wear for the cruise

Are you ready for the trip? Here are just some of the places you will discover

north tour recorrido

Apart from being a beautiful park, was witness to the great events of our nation’s independence.  This is the site of the famous English invasions and also where San Martin prepared his grenadiers.

This neighborhood holds the keys to the first moments of Buenos Aires, as well as being an important landmark for industrial-neoclassical architecture.

Famous for its architectural diversity and its grand mausoleums, here lie great argentine figures like Eva Peron or Domingo Sarmiento.

Metallic structure that represents the flowers of the world. It opens during the day and closes at night, vibrating to the rhythm of the city.

Cultural, gastronomic and audiovisual hub of Buenos Aires.

Also known as the Palermo Forests, a giant “green lung” to be enjoyed.

The point where the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Retiro meet delights with an exquisite architectural style.

The most representative point of our democracy and its celebrations of independence.

We will have multiple stops to rest, observe the landscape and take photos.  Also to grab a snack and stay hydrated.

This is what people who travelled with us have to say


I took the North Tour. The bike option is the best. You stop at interest points, and you take the streets of the city to places other tours don’t take you. What I like best was how they gave it an argentine touch, like sitting in the plaza chatting with mate and biscuits.
Rafa T

Informative, and fun, a great tour

Recently I did the North tour with Diego as my guide. We took the numerous bike lanes of Buenos Aires , visiting historical sites, interesting architectural works and beautiful gardens. Diego’s knowledge of the city’s history was really impressive. Also, we stopped for refreshments when necessary and took sufficient time in Recoleta Cemetery and the Rose Garden. Generally speaking it was a great way to enjoy 4 hours. I really want to do the South Tour soon.
Douglas H

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