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Corporate Tours
Buenos Aires

Optimize your team’s performance

A happy and valued employee stays with the company longer on average. 

A bike tour is ideal to set aside competitiveness and strengthen social ties between your employees, as well as promoting healthy habits in a fun and relaxed activity.

At Rental Bike we have the equipment and experience you need to organize a great recreational trip. We create the tour tailored to your expectations, tell us what your idea is and we’ll make it happen!

Organize and outing that benefits your organization

people working corporate

Manage the talents of your company

Recreation is a fundamental component of employer branding


Better your team’s communication skills

Bringing your team together emotionally connects it and minimizes friction


Eliminate emotional and laborial tensions

Physical activity loosens up the body and releases endorphins.

team work

Socialize and integrate your employees

Unity increases when people have a good time together

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