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La Boca & Downtown BikeTour

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bike tour la boca

The south of the city:

Football, art, history and tradition: Find out what makes us “porteños”


 Duration: 4 hs | Difficulty: Easy | Distance: 13.4 km | Meeting point: Chile 1145 | Carbon track: 0.68 Kg de CO2.

You get on your bike and you start pedalling. The bustle of the city fades behind as you feel the breeze amidst the trees of Parque Lezama, the first stop. You continue on your way looking out for the iconic yellow and blue. People chatting on the streets and children playing football on the sidewalks. You must be in La Boca, the neighborhood of passion. The Bombonera is empty, but you can imagine the atmosphere that should surely be when the local team wins.

You arrive at Caminito, that colorful open air museum conceived and made reality by Benito Quinquela Martín. The teeming art all around: couples dancing tango on the streets, artists painting while musicians play along. It’s hard to believe this area by the Riachuelo River was, 120 years ago, the main port of our city.

You get on your bike and continue toward Puerto Madero. At your back remains the district of the first immigrants, as you make your way through the massive glass buildings. People wear suits and walk at such a frantic pace that you start to see why Buenos Aires is called “the city of the fury”.

Right next to that concrete jungle there’s suddenly a green oasis. You pedal toward the Ecologic Reserve, which evokes the images of a time long before any human touch. You hear no honks nor engines, nothing but the songs of birds and the silence of the river. Now you can finally breathe Buenos Aires.

But the mysteries of the city center suddenly call out, and you head toward the last point on our itinerary: the imposing Plaza de Mayo. It’s the foundational site of our city, and witness to almost every chapter of Argentine history.
Over 500 years of history at a glance: Buenos Aires’ Cathedral, Cabildo and the Pink House.

A short bike ride, but a grand trip back in time.

Included on this tour:

casco helmet


candado bicicleta




mate argentina buenos aires

Mate tea & alfajor

seguro de viaje buenos aires


botella de agua

Bottle of water


In summertime, temperatures can be high, so we recommend wearing light clothes with long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, sun lotion and extra hydration.
During the winter season, weather becomes cold, so extra coating, gloves and a warm hat is suggested to wear for the cruise

Are you ready for the trip? Here are just some of the places you will discover

tour la boca recorrido

One of the eldest and most traditional districts of B.A.

The emblematic stadium of La Boca, which inspires love and hate passions.

The colorful alley that breathes tango and art.

The newest area of our city which dazzles with it’s skyscrapers and green areas.

Where the city meets the river, and locals enjoy the sun and fresh air.

The foundational site of Buenos Aires. It’s been the stage for the most trascendental national events.

Home for the Executive Power of Argentina, where the president works.

We will have multiple stops to rest, observe the landscape and take photos. Also to grab a snack and stay hydrated.

This is what people who travelled with us have to say

"Private Tour"

It had a couple of places that we wanted to see so we asked them to add all of the other good things that they suggest to complete the southern tour. We are a family with a 9 year old girl and a teenager (17). We enjoyed it all very much! Recommended!
Asunción, Paraguay

"6 stars !! Highly recommended!"

I give it a 5 because you can not give it a 6, but that's what it deserved. I did a tour of the south of Buenos Aires and it was very very nice. Fernando, who was the guide, is a very cultured person, very friendly and kind. The bikes were also in perfect condition. I could not recommend this enough. Thank you!
Lisboa, Portugal

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